The Web Cam Mixtape

by Anonominious The Pythagoran

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This is a completely Lo-Fi recorded album. I made it: because I wanted to see if I can rap, to pay homage to the true spoken word poets like Benefit the MC, to show the world you don't need high quality equipment to make deep music, and lastly to see what happens if I drop this tape Anonymously.
Enjoy and do read the lyrics if you can't understand some parts.
This was entirely recorded from a mic on my laptop


released May 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Anonominious The Pythagoran Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: I Don't Know [UNFINISHED]
I wake up
everyday and I think that life sucks
Check in my pocket and
Don't have a single buck to
spend on anything in this commercial world
and even if I did i don't think that I would do it
sweatin' my ass off over a 9 to five
jus to have a few bucks
at the end of the month to stay alive
is that really what all of our progress has become?
runnin' around the town you live in to try to sum
a couple quarters at the end of the day
and keep that shit locked away
ina 401k
that you might not see
if you die before the age of sixty
why am I alive
to support this classist society
I can't understand why anyone would try to be
A slave for a country that protects its' upper hiearchy
Oh yeah I forgot
your born into it
Ironic as it is
where your born and who your born from matters
It determines who'se got a cash wad thats fatter
When did the Old World splatter
and splinter from a collective
working together to bringing their village food
Track Name: Midnight
What can I do, what can I say
Livin' in the Cali sunshine smokin' haze
Every day I pray that I can stay on
this ball of dirt called Earth God please
let me live from now till the end of time
Sad to see, the days go by
and the people of your past age
and get misplaced around this bumpy ass road called life
But that's the way it is
Growing up in the World never told where to go
and we keep acting like all that matters in life is making that doe
Fuck no
I don't wanna hear it
You need a 100k salary a year to keep your family feeded
Bleedin out the hands that are working for another man
Helping him stack chips while your left to split
a few dollars a day 4 ways to feed your wife and kids
How can you possibly think the common man can live?
in this death trap American Society
Where the tip of the pyramid in control
would laugh if you try to be
anything that they tell you your not
Shit I forgot To dream one to many times
Cuz some dumb mother fucker acted like he knew what's right
Telling me what to do, what to say, how to live my life
Back up with that type of thoughts your thinking
I don't need another man's false ideas to seep in
My mind, it's my life my life
Get it right go live yours
I support what you do
So why can't you too
Just cuz I don't have a collared shirt and my hair cut
Don't give a fuck
Anonoo Nonoo
Spandex City, USA Motha Fucker
Track Name: My Soul Is Coughing
Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do whatever the fuck you wanna do
There's nothing stopping you from achieving everything you want in this life

You can do anything in this world
trust me
Take a good look at yourself
and dig inside to see
would keep you from rustling
through your life
not doin what you like
That's not the way I wanna live
anything you wanna be you can do it kid
Don't settle for anything less
than what
makes your heart less stressed
Because we all have a true calling
A reason to be
and I assure you
your's isn't to be
in a 5 by 5 boxed ass office cell
Life is ment to be lived free and well
Not sayin be a beach bum
But you can if you want
Jus sayin don't be told what to do by the man
Cuz who the fuck are they
corporate entities telling you
what field of slavery they wanna send you to
fuck that
Push that bullshit back
It makes me wanna smack
everyperson in their face
who stop the chase
of their dreams
and their real passion
cuz America tells them they can't do it
Why listen to someone who never tried themselves
Let that shit go in one ear and out the other
Cuz your the only person making the rules of your own life
My soul coughs
My soul coughs

Track Name: Time of Day
Ahh Yee
Jeffy Nickuh Nickuh Nickuh Nickuh Nickel-uhs
Aye P. Tee

What's the time of day
seems like life ticks tocks away
Everyday you get stronger
but it sucks cuz you age
and you can't stay
in the moment you're in
because time doesn't stop after yours begins
but let me tell you friend
every little bleep in your life
every second of strife
every time that you chose right from wrong
you're pushin yourself further and further
down the path that's yours
and yours alone
I know it's crazy to think
But theres no one on this Earth
who can see the world thru your eyes
not that big a surprise
but you grow wise
from every little thing
in your own world
In your own life
In your own little beautiful story
that your painting along the way
and your brush may get a little dirty
but don't forget to wash that bitch off
Cuz it only takes moments to recollect
and reflect on the moments you've lived
Cherish them all
All the pain, all the smiles,
all the laughs, all the cries
All the broken hearts and lies
Time heals all
Don't forget that
I do respect that
Nah No Nah No
Jeffy Nixx take this shit from me
Track Name: 1, 2 Pass It (Remix)
Ohhh yeah
Aye P
Matty Plurdz
The whole crew be here
Now take a step back
Now take a step back

It's the
Cold hearted
crazy motha fucka
Who be puttin moves
on your gorgeous baby's motha
I do try to shoot for the sky
So I know I'ma get there
Jus gotta keep pushin
through the stormy weather
And one day
I know I'll make it
You don't know how many days I've been waitin
Payin bullshit prices
Jus to get by
In this life
But I know it's all worth it in the end
Cuz I got a fat crew of friends
that will ride or die with me
and I for them
Cuz that's all that matters in the end
The people you meet along the way
Will be there after the screen goes black
and you can't come back
to this life cuz your dead
But everyone of those characters in your world
will be there with you in the sky
or any place you think you'll be after you die
believe me
I seened it
I feel it
I know it
It's real it's
The type of mind set I've been livin in
Tryin to make a dope connect
everywhere Ive been
So go and tell a friend
of the new scene we livin
Track Name: 21st Century Dog
I'm stressed out, what else can I say
Pullin' my hair out from the tense things in life that stray
My way but in the end I know that shit won't change
the way I think about the life I'm livin'
I'm doin' it up glass half filled up
not empty can't see the end of my drug trip called reality
Cuz every day is a new trick
A new page to add to the book
It only takes one look at your life and you know
you'd do anything to play every moment back again
Who can I pay for that? A way I can replay back
Moments I thought I'd fucked up
But it's the way it's gotta be for me to grow up cuz
In every single day in every single way
I don't stop to stray and pay attention to the bullshit bringing me down
Cuz what the fucks that gunna do?
Pondering the what could have beens
and the why didn't I tries
Why live with your heart full of lies
If it happened respect it
cuz theres no way to go back and reset it
Yee I said it
At your very best you're living a few thousand days on this Earth
Don't spend them diggin through dirt
or doing unneeded work
that will keep you from being what you wanna be
Don't get stressed out on the little things
Traffic, red lights, cold nights from a lack of a heat source
Blood, sweat and tears working on your life pouring out your pores
The days that go by are grains of sand in your hour glass
So account for each of those grains with something pure and true
It only takes you
to realize that you're the center of your life
Fuck what other people say when they doubt you're doing it right
Cuz you can be damn sure they don't have a clue what their doin' either
Thank you thank you teacher
who didn't tell me the way the World really works
throwing me in the game of life with no idea few get a job with a pressed shirt
with a suit and tie
Your childhood was a lie
but I have to say it's one of the best fantasies I've played
Cuz when you grow up and see the World the way it really is
You'd cover your little one's eyes too
It's sad to say it but you know it's true
Payin' a few thousand a year for school
Then get out to find you have to compete
with just as many applicants Mcdonalds turns down on the daily
For any white collar job
The world of the Dog eat dog
Yeah, The 21st Century World of the dog eat dog
For Realsszzzzz
Playin' With Palabras
Track Name: Hyes & Lows

Whenever I
Try to understand the way the world works
Millions of people in this dirty system hurts
my mind, my heart, my soul
and every day that goes by I keep losing control
of what I want and what I thought I had
It's the love hate relationships
that seem so sad
when we
think we're happy then the next day we're not
In eternal bliss then the next moment it gets stopped
So I ask myself and others around me
What are you trying to get from this life and it's surroundings
Cuz there's so many choices we can all take
and it's a damn shame we can't make
our lives the way we wanted when we were 5 years old
As you grow you see the World's full of holes
and bullshit that makes you question mankind
Some say it's divine to be alive
Although life's a blessing
it's funny how you can get so stressed you want to end it at times
Shit I know I have once or twice
There has to be more to life than stacking money in a piggy bank
And buying diamond rings to please your wife
Why is America so full of notions like the unattainable American Dream?
It's just a veil they put over your eyes to keep you from seeing
Corporate America's hands slowly wrapping around your throat
I choke
at the thought of working 40 years of my life to retire for the last 20 of it
You aren't making a slave of me
I'd rather die broke then sell my soul for some worthless money
Track Name: The Matrix of Life
there are a lot of paths one can take in this great life of ours
we're all jus roaming around this Earth killing time till we die anyway
so it doesn't matter what path we take in the end
as long as we have one awesome fucking time while we're on it

Whenever the
roads of life seem to get bumpy and you stray off course
of where you thought you'd go, look back with no remorse
let it roll and keep yourself movin' on there isn't time to waste
doing great in school or dropping out cuz ur grades
don't hate
i been there too fuck the system
everyday goes by and your on your highest highs
then on those cloudy days you hit your lowest lows
Bipolarism in every soul
walking this Earth wondering why am I here
where do I go
why can't i get a job doing a damn thing Im good at
some hood rat
sitting on the corner of the CPT
living the same life as another in Mexico City
All around the world as that shit spins non stop
and fewer and fewer people have a warm pot
to cook their food
feed their fam
give back to the land
their livin in
how can I hold back the tears
when I'm looking at the struggles of my peers
where's the sunshine to brighten the way
and your pain turns into a dime bag and a rolled J
cuz you wanna jus say fuck it at the end of the day
cuz you wanna jus say fuck it at the end of the day

And that's how life is sometimes
too much weight on your shoulders so you drink,
burn one or go buy something to distract your mind
shit sucks
cuz we shouldnt be getting distracted from the problems of this world that can be easliy fixed.

You gotta understand everyones addicted to something even me
and thats jus how it is
when your living in an era of the "I want it nows"
and the only people you turn to don't give a fuck cuz they're doing them
And every day you feel like your on your own
cuz you are
fucking bizzare to think
that nobody can take a second to add to this web of intertwined lives
that are wondering lost in this Matrix of Life
In this Matrix of Life i said the Matrix of Life
In the Matrix of Life
Track Name: Bye Bye
Little quickie
Val Hallan on the beat

Quick slippin
couple 40s I be sippin
then driving down your block
peepin for cops
don't give a fock
about those bitches ridin' down the street
with their lights switched on
step on the gas
pedestrians I pass
I wanna hit that baby stroller but if I did I'd crash
cuz that shits off the road
right on the sidewalk
and if i try to hit it you know I'd end up ina cell block
not like I won't
for goin 50 in a 25
One more day I'm alive
and I chose to live it this way
hit an oncoming car
ejected from the seat
the concrete turned my face into meat
sheet bye bye I died
bye bye
Track Name: Autumn Serenade
Its just an autumn seranade
Like a bright pink French Parade
Traveling down the streets of No Leans
On some Lean
and were sippin tough
I bet you never thought youd ever fall into a trip this rough
Because I dabbed your spine with sids
and pulled you in my world
What you gunna do
you gunna act like a little girl?
The world I live in
is that inside of my mind
and everytime I come out to the real one I trip
Cuz this shit hole were living in
Isn't humanitary
were fucking eachother over just to get some extra berries
or some skrill
whys the whole world run by that shit
I wanna burn that shit
and destroy the ways of the old
cuz the commercial world we once lived in is dead
the ways of lore have been lost from the peoples heads
and nobody remembers why we're really here
shit even I don't know
But that's no reason for me to be acting with no
moral standards or logic or reason
why are we in one of man kinds worst ever seasons
Tornados of hatred
and rain clouds of dread
plague my people to death
and I just want it to stop
You think you can get real protection from a local cop
fuck no
your better off baracading yourself in your house
to get away from this world
and your nosey ass neighbors
dont think for any minute anyone will do you favors
cuz everyones plotting against you
like the Nazi-Polish invaders
Coming through the Ryne
Coming through the Ryne
Coming through the Ryne
One more time
for your motha fuckin mind
for your Miiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnndddddd
Track Name: Tuesday Instrumentals (The Birthday Song)
Jeffy Nixx
Apartment Five
A little birthday magic

Hey girl it's your birthday
I don't know why I had to tell you it's your birthday
but i guess you know
that it's your birthday
and all I really wanna do is give you birthday

straight expressing my love
like every single time that my heart is uncoved
I'm calling you to tell you that
I love your smile love your lips love your tight birthing hips
that you be swinging around the room
and all I wanna do is try to consume
your whole entire heart right inside of mine
and every time we kiss girl this world turns devine
because my life aint shit with out you
last two
days and all I had to
do was play with my hand and sat around in a sad mood
cuz your not there
I couldn't have a care
for any other piece of tail
from any other hare
cuz I need you
and I want you
and I dig you
and I miss you
But one day I'll be knocking on your door
and we'll continue to explore
the world we had
back when things were rad
and there wasn't any sad
but until then
remember the name
remember the name

Hey girl it's your birthday
I don't know why I had to tell you it's your birthday
but i guess you know
that it's your birthday
but i guess you know
that it's your birthday
I don't know why I had to tell you it's your birthday
but i guess you know
I guess you know